Friday, March 09, 2012

weekend in london

I have a herpi on my lip.

Herpes B. A cold sore. Different from Herpes A, which is found on your downstairs furniture. It sounds worse when you actually call it what it is, so let's PR this bitch and call it a cold sore.

I'll bet you I caught it by travelling on the fucking tube. Not that I touch hand rails or anything.

Pity, since I plan to discover my new work area after the day is done with a few work friends. By way of pub and lavish boozing.

I now work off the Tottenham Court Road, pretty much central London. The good side of this is that I am in the middle of it all. Shops, theatres, pubs, music venues, basically, everything this city has to offer, is all within a few steps from where I sit. There is much to discover around here.

Am wearing a jumpsuit, which also makes tonight's booze fest difficult, as I have to virtually undress every time I need to go for a pee. And sitting on the company throne in just a bra feels wrong.

I'm starting to warm to my new office. It's very funky, there's all sorts of novel, bright shit everywhere, and since I'm located on the 9th floor, the view isn't anything to sneeze at.

This photo doesn't do anything justice, but that's the BT tower over there. The London version of the Hillbrow tower, except it's not in a Nigerian ghetto.

Here's a better one. It's rather exceptionally awesome that we can see London at a 360 degree view.

It almost makes up for the commute.

Tomorrow I'm going to my favourite street in London, to drink champagne, wear tweed and catch up with She Who Hates Socialists and L. The King's Road.

It's been a while since I spent a weekend in my city, and so when asked if I'm gutted to be back after my holiday, the answer is more or less No. It's lighter in the mornings, spring is in the air, Ted Baker has a new collection out, and we're going to get drunk in Chelsea on Saturday.

It's been a while London. And I have missed you, you old minx.

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