Wednesday, March 28, 2012

yellow dress

There is a danger in working in central London. And not because you might get run over by a bus or walk into a banker that's contaminated with syphilis. The danger lies in expressing yourself through your credit card, through the credit card machine, through the medium of cloth, in beautiful motherfucking shops, that is.

Dude. She Who Also Loves Tweed and I decided to get a coffee outside the building for a change, given it was like 20 degrees outside and sunny. And were caught off guard.

Can I retract for a second? This country has had various influences over me, or rather enhanced what was already there, but lying dormant. Namely:
1) More capitalist
2) More materialist
3) More Tory/conservative

Two clicks away, lies the intoxicating side streets of Covent Garden. Where shops like Kate Spade (it's not only in the States?!) and Reiss (Kate Middleton) and Ted Baker (obsessed with) reside. And not just the normal stores, no. In this corner of London it's the flagships.

So we got led astray, and She Who Also Loves Tweed had to pull me kicking and screaming from Ted Baker, clutching a yellow dress - ref above - which she put in her handbag, so that people at work couldn't see we'd spent the last twenty minutes shopping. And judge us.

Covent Garden during working hours is amazeballs. You can even see the pavements! I haven't been into Covent Garden on a weekend for, like, 2 years. It's impossible to move. Working hours brings in a whole new meaning to lunch hour shopping though.

I bought the yellow dress - in 2.3 minutes - and now fear that as it really is a startling shade of hue, in order to pay it off, must wear it twice a week for the next 5 weeks. That's a lot of yellow.

"Oh look there's the lady in the yellow dress chicken suit again."

"I think she has jaundice."

We are going tomorrow evening for Thursday night shopping, when we don't have to rush back to the office. We've set a budget.**

(Yellow for the occasion.)

** Which I'll try to stick to religiously. Not that I'm religious. At all. If I'm an atheist sticking to a religious plan, does that put my budget in jeopardy? Big questions for a big spender.

*** I'd like to think also more tolerant, patient, compassionate and a better listener and communicator. Previously very bad at all of the above and now better. Marginally.

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