Thursday, May 03, 2012

voting day

It's Election Day!

Suitably dressed in a suit, I'm about to make my way down to my local polling station.

And stand in a long, after-work queue.
In the rain.
In heels.

I'm already fucking miserable and I haven't even started queuing yet.
My first voting experience in Britain should be exactly how I imagined it.

If Ken wins, I'm moving to Wales.


Mich said...

am not sure Wales would have you!! - its all Labour there!

Peas on Toast said...

Mich - you're right, I got that very wrong. Leichtenstein?

Mich said...

Peas i forgive you your Tory views i have been reading your blog secretly for years xxx (and I dont really care about London elections as dont live there!) keep posting - courage!

Maryanne said...

Well, I arrived bright and early in true South African style. At 08:30 - only me and the electoral staff there. A breeze compared to voting in SA!