Friday, August 31, 2012

breasts, friday & ping pong

Dude. It's Friday.
So I only really have a few things to say.

Ping pong intensity significantly rises on a Friday
It's crisp, but sunny (is that an Autumnal vibe creeping into my personal space? I actually had to wear a jumper to work today. Oh dear), but blow me down and call me Cynthia. I think my ping pong game may be slowly improving. Been told while I have a weak forehand, my serve is destroying my opponents.

However broadly speaking, I'm still really crap.

The spreadsheet continues to crash as people vie for challenges, and take this more seriously than a Mitt Romney campaign in southern Alabama.

The evidence of seriousness is demonstrated by the time my colleagues around me are dedicating to filling in commentary .

"Good game. MacSporren's forehand continues to be absent."
"The Force attacked with the power of a thousand suns."
"Comfortable victory. Smith needs to control the aggression."
"Mitigating factors include a perished flip-flop."
"Glickman's recent run of strong form faltered after the long weekend break."

While being thrashed by most of the men in this league, its the comments are what really keep me interested.

Pretty excited to have a few glasses of wine
In the perfect 'won't make me sweat out the Lake District' 20 degree sunshine. Outside. While it lasts. Also the Quiet American is in town, so I'm expecting some banterous hilarity this evening.

My breasts
Oh that's where you've been, my dormant darlings. Back on the pill for almost two months and suddenly my cahoonas are fucking massive.* Hello hormones, my oh my how you make a mockery of my milk jugs. They've enlarged somewhat - literally grown overnight. And one boob is definitely larger than the other. The Brit has taken his time to study my breasts (like any good boyfriend should) and has come to the conclusion that is definitely way off.

Last weekend at home. Before we go to fuckin' JAPAN.
I'm seriously going to get off on how weird this place is. We've started looking into our itinerary, and where we will stay in Tokyo and Kyoto.

I'm not excited yet, to be honest, that will come next week when we are at the airport, about to board a plane for twelve hours. When the full gravitas of the situation behests me, it will be something like: "OMG we are going to frigging Japan. Sweet mother of all things good and true," and I'll be enveloped with excitement. The Brit's getting excited too - yay!

*They spill out a little around my actual hand now.

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