Monday, August 20, 2012



I'm not one for meddling with my own blogger template, for the very reason of avoiding this sort of peachy-coloured backdrop I have before my eyes.

I've been more than happy leaving my blog as it is for the last almost eight years - Jesus in a Jewish jazz club - I have been writing this thing for almost eight fucking years - the grotesquely pink background coupled with the robust yet palatable brown was just fine as far as I was concerned. This was never to be the place of grand design or over-indulgence of pixel baffing.*

This blog is the purging space of a more simpler creature - myself - in which to put words on the Internet. Any beautification is mostly just ignored. I think it's safe to say that you come here because you like words, not pretty colours.

Any futile attempts to update my blogger template have resulted in panic, sweating and fruitless backpeddling of trying to undo my mistakes. The calling up of more HTML-inclined friends and behaving hysterically.

So, this happened again on Friday. But this time I decided not to panic or care. I decided I'd slowly fix and tweak this page, as I see fit, over the course of the next few weeks. So I ask you to please bear with me as I play with links and update things like colours and buttons. I'm rewallpapering.

In other news, this place is hotter than a pan-fried habanero chilli sitting on a black Golf GTI in a treeless suburb of Bombay after the Ozone layer collapsed in on itself.

I wore clothes this weekend that I have never worn in the UK before. There's a section of my wardrobe the Brit's wardrobe (I hide them in the back, because I can't fit them in mine), that I like to label "for hot foreign holidays." I wore sandals (open toes - Christ Almighty) and a really small summer dress that I last put on in 2009.

Then, because it was a real scorcher - She Who Loves Tweed and I headed to town and 1) ate a wheelbarrow's worth of dim sum, the logic being that tons of hot doughy parcels washed down with champagne definitely makes sense in tropical temperatures and 2) sang karaoke for an hour in a booth that was located in an AC-infused underground dungeon in Mayfair.

Standard for a Sunday.

*Pixel baffing is a term I coined about five seconds ago, and means the emission of lots of pixels, from the human anus, just because one can. It's how web designers show off. They baff in pixels.

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