Tuesday, August 07, 2012

what a man would look and sound like on the pill

If you're ever worried about coming across as overly emotive, or drawing things out too much in your best man speech, don't.

Don't ever again, basically.

If you don't know how I am feeling right now - or can't relate, because you're a man or a woman who has never taken the pill, then definitely watch this video.

God bless the Republicans.

Feeling a lot skippier today. Don't want to jinx it, but not feeling like I want to dangle off the back of a balcony.

I am dreading the end of the Olympics though - what the fuck will we do once they're finished?


Hans Meevis said...

Chickie, you been posting this downer stuff and my wife is having a sympathetic reaction with you. Please stop, I am having a hard time of it........

Kat said...

Just gone off the pill after basically ten years on it. I feel like hell as well and brain seems to have shut down. Everyone and I mean everyone is pissing me off. Oh well the joy of hormones. At least I can dull the pain with wine:0 Sorry Peas!