Monday, October 01, 2012

7 month countdown


A few things I thought I'd never say:

"I have tried on 23 wedding dresses."

Weddingdressgate. I know what I want, and am almost there, give or take.

Haven't walked into a shop and gone "O to the M to the G. THAT IS THE DRESS." It's been a...journey. Is that normal? I was told, on returning to work after Japan, that you have to find a wedding dress at least six months before your wedding day.

What kind of a shit show is this?

Let's not blow smoke up the arss of wedding planning - this is a frock. Sure, there are layers and layers of beautifulness to each dress, and it's all very special, but because I am getting married in seven months, I supposedly have a month to find a dress.

Hence the sizeable amount of taffeta, tulle and satin I have been in contact with over the last few weeks.It's been fun, but functional. I go on, select three or four at a time, and then ask LOTS of questions.

"I don't want to waste your time, but that is hideous."

"I don't want to waste your time, but that would be great if you could add that there and put this here and change the colour?"

"I'm getting married in 7 months."

Dude. Still something the Brit and I say to each other with a slightly panicked and alarmed expression on our faces. (What. The. Fuck. We are getting married. In seven months.)

Few reasons why we are getting hitched in April, the main being that we are getting married in the Natal Midlands. It's where I grew up, it's beautiful in April (all autumnal and lovely), and it's very English. So the Poms will approve, when tea and scones are passed around the table.

At first we thought the Seychelles. My mother's family is Seychellois, and it's gorgeous. We also want a small, intimate wedding. But realised quickly that it would be a huge ask to get people there, it;s expensive and the Midlands feels much more suited to what we want.
I can also be slightly more traditional. Most people are surprised when I say I like tradition, but I do. Especially if it's where I grew up.

"It's fucking stressful organising a wedding."

I have a planner. Who is currently MIA, so this might be half the problem.

I've seen and been involved in a lot of weddings. Most of my best friends are married. But I never really gave much thought to what they had to do leading up to this - it's a lot of work and it takes endless patience. I had no idea.
It's not just the volume of detail, or the budgets/money conversations. It's the conversations with parents, the selections, choices, and and and. It's an industry, you have to remember that.

I've had my moments. But now that I have a clear picture and that things are starting to conceptualise, [Pintrest is my best friend.] I'm forcing myself to enjoy this experience. I really really want to.

I'm getting freaking married!
No seriously. I'm getting married.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't very very very excited.


An Aussie in Africa said...

I hear you!! I'm getting married in Durban in February, engagement is only six months, my crew has to fly in from Aussie. It's the excitement and the disbelief (that its only four months to go!!) and the SHEER AMOUNT OF STUFF TO DO!

Got excited for a moment there. And yes, pintrest rocks.

Sugar Baroness said...

Congratulations Peas! I also got married in the Midlands (at the very lovely Granny Mouse Country House) - what a perfect location! I had five months from engagement to wedding day and managed to get it all done. Dont worry ... it all comes together in the end! Have fun!

Secret said...

So like I have missed your blog for a few weeks because I have been on leave and, otherwise, studpily busy with work, so I only just figured out now that you are engaged (duh :P).
HUGE CONGRATS!!!!! And welcome to the "those that wear rings on our ring fingers but aren't yet married and still have our maiden surnames" club - albeit for 7 months! :) Wooot!

Katinafrica said...
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