Thursday, October 11, 2012

seasonal loves

Seasons in Europe are so seasonal.

"That's obvious," you say. "That's why they're called seasons, Peas."

Well, one of the pluses of living in the UK is that when it's winter, you're sure to Christ that it's fucking winter. There are no bones about it; no questions.

If one is to enjoy it like I have chosen to (new attitude! Will love winter! Even if it kills me! Which it might!), one needs to prepare.

And busy themselves with things that make them happy. So they forget all their troubles.
The green tea ritual. I drink at least five cups of this bad boy everyday. Why so green? It's the good shit. Straight outta Japan. Green tea does all sorts of good stuff to you, just Wikipedia it.

Guinea pig toys. Happy guinea pigs makes for a happy Peas. Wayne and Dwayne have some new shit to chew. Including this superdee duperdee guinea pig barbell.

"Guinea pig barbell."

Niche market. That I just bought into.
 Frilly, wierd sock puchases from Tokyo! I'll never wear these [in London*], but they are nice to look at. Open my drawer, lay them on my bed and look at them. Dreaming of being a Harajuku girl.

*Sober. Although could be convinced otherwise.
The dotty tights! I do wear those! They make me happy. I love stockings, especially ones that aren't black or navy, which is what I wear 340 days a year. This is me, working, on the floor, in our London office. In my dotty stockings from Tokyo.

 Went to a Best of British exhibition in Farringdon over the weekend, where they had a tent area. These tents are, like, the most amazing thing I've ever seen. I've ever seen in the camping world. They're called Field Candy, made here, and festival goers are mad for these awesome tents. They have all sorts of pictures on them. We didn't buy one, but we should.

 We did buy truffles. From Cornwall. Made with sea salt. Yummers.

 Autumn fashion! It's not so cold that you don't care what you wear, you can still play around. I've fallen in love with my cardies again (In England you live and die by cardigan. You can get any, in abundance, in all colours and prices.) So I've pulled out my cardigans and am teaming them with my collection of silk scarves. Knotted like the air hostesses knot theirs.
Soon I'll have to wear the woolley-scarf variety, so while I can, I'm going to stick to silk, like my favourite Ted Baker one here. It has English bulldogs on it. English bulldogs with moustaches. LOLZ.
TWEED, fool. I could write about tweed all day. If it was my day job. Tweed is what makes winter not diabolical. It's everywhere now, more so than last season, and me and She Who Also Loves Tweed and I are over the moon. (And buying lots of it.) Like my new Zara tweed jacket above from last night's little shopping diversion.

Bling. It's fake bling, but it goes very nicely with my real bling. Same shape with the little diamonds all around it. Bling and tweed go like caviar and champagne.

This is my ear. Taken with my phone. In a meeting. Cunning.

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