Wednesday, October 24, 2012

three questions

Went to a Prohibition Bar last night with the group.

The Prohibition in the US always fascinated me a little. How did anyone feasibly think a population would be fine without alcohol - I mean Jesus - is beyond me. I suppose that's why Prohibition Bars are so great - they're secretive, you need passwords to get in, and they're usually in sketchy parts of town (read: San Francisco's most crack-addled neighbourhood. And there's a ton of crack going on round here. The Tenderloin is a place where there's always a situation going on around you.)

The Bar is actually placed in a neighbourhood called Tendernob - (LOLZ. Someone said Nob) - and as you walk in, it's dim, with a few interesting fixturs, textured velvet walls and tons of books. We actually walked through a book shelf secret door to get to the 'VIP' area. All while holding a large Juicy Couture shopping bag, which people thought was filled with velour tracksuits, but that's another story.

Anyway, we had a load of lovely cocktails and went away steaming.

One question that someone came up with last night and were amusing ourselves endlessly with last night was this scenario:

If you were stuck on a desert island for the rest of your life, which scenario would you choose? 

1) You're stuck on the island with a boy scout (for boys) or a girl scout (for girls.) This person would look after you, help you build a treehouse, catch you fish, basically tend to your needs and be your guard/buddy.

2) You are on the island for 10 years with your soulmate. The most perfect person for you in every which way. You spend ten years on the island together, and then he dies. So you are left to carry on your own after that.

3) You get to stay on the island for 10 years with a monkey. And an iPad. Which you can use to Skype, but not get rescued. (I didn't make these up.) Then you have to shoot the monkey.

What would you choose?*

* I chose 1. Less pain, have a buddy, and definitely couldn't shoot a monkey. Most people around me chose 2. I would find that too painful.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I choose number 2 :)

Definitely never no.3 omg monkeys are so special how could you shoot it, plus you'd get attached to each other n it'd be like shooting your baby.

With number 2 you have 10 amazing years, which is enough, and then I'd maybe kill myself when he dies.