Monday, January 07, 2013

getting lost

So this is how I'm dealing with my January quitting-everything-except-air blues.

1) getting Lost
2) Becoming a student in food science

Food, health and nutrition is becoming my hobby [again.] I've dabbled, read a few books, know my apples from my oranges per se. But now I'm taking it a few steps further by reading more books, and becoming an anthology of impeccable health.

If I'm going to be honest, I'm just trying to take up the time I'm not drinking, smoking, eating carbs, banging away instead at a new hobby.

Oh, and watch Lost. Which I - five years later - started to do this weekend. After 17 episodes, the Brit was ready to tear the curtain rails down, and I had chewed all of my nails off.

Nothing a stiff drink an orange couldn't fix.

I'm on series one. Apparently shit gets fucked up for the next three series and then it gets all weird and then it loses its charm. Either way, the entire series  of Seinfeld got me through a break-up once; Lost will get me through a break-up with alcohol, cigarettes and carbohydrates.

Even if it is thee most frustrating show. And my entire weekend was  literally, lost, as a result of watching it. No irony there, because that was the intention.

The Brit watched Lost back when it was still cool, so he's doubly upset for being roped into watching it again, although must be said I haven't taken him hostage and pointed a gun to his head demanding he watch with me. Nay nay. That's all of his own volition frankly, he got sucked in all by himself.

Anyway I kind of like Lost so far, not because it feels like I've gone back in time, but because I find it to be very Twins Peaksy. I'm one of those weird Twins Peaks people. I love the series, have watched the movies over and over, and I swear that one day I'll go to the Twin Peaks festival in the States where maniacal David Lynch fans all congregate to dress up like Laura Palmer and the Lady With The Log. And eat cherry pie.

Anyway. Where was I.

Quitting everything for a month is hard work. It's easier just to involve yourself in some other life for a while, probably an exciting fictional one, to get you past the whole "but if we can't meet in a pub, where the fuck are we going to meet?" scenario.

On the plus side, it does feel good to be extremely, amazingly healthy. I am reading four books on nutrition and educating msyelf on each and every plant and bad substance there is on this Earth just to fill the time.
 The Brit and I are doing it together, and even he is all jolly hockeysticks over weird sounding herb names ("Peas, I'm going to Holland & Barrett after work. They stock fenugreek and ashwagandha* there.")

I mean, the man is literally grabbing this health stuff by the horns. Which is seriously making him very attractive right now. He is my life partner and future husband, so in essence he is obviously extremely attractive to me, but right now he's literally on fire.

He's giving me a horn. One might say.

So being healthy and boring and living on a 90% plant-based diet, a vigorous gym regime, hours of Lost,  wierd herbs, no vices, is actually doing a few wondrous things for our sex life.

You're welcome.

* Fenugreek and ashwagandha are herbs that promote wellness, help curb cortisol which is a hormone released when you are stressed and is often why you cannot lose weight around your stomach when shit is hectic at work, and it's all detoxifying and stuff. If you must know.


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Flarkit said...

At long last, the penny drops. The reason that I've enjoyed your blog for so long is... a shared loved of Twin Peaks! Not-all-things-Lynch, mind you, cos Lost Highway lost me despite all efforts on my part to enjoy it.

Twin Peaks on the other hand, was an absolute depraved pleasure! It's on my bucket list of things to rewatch some day, probably involving a worrying amount of Irish Coffee and mint Lindt!

Best of luck with the smoke ending, yoouu cannnn doooo eeeet!!!!!!!

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