Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Snowing again yesterday, felt homesick. Passed the Saffa shop in Wimbledon after a meeting and asked for a handful of the good stuff.

Just a handful. With a brief alarm bell in the back of my head wondering if this was in fact beef, not horse.

It's been a long time old friend. Back in my twenties I used to live on Woollies stokkies and pinotage. Look at me now, dog.

The Saffas behind the counter seemed nice enough, smiling, saying things like "howzit" and "china" when addressing me. Asking me if i wanted garlic peri-peri mix on my handful, or if I wanted it "voetstoets." No joke. I forgot about that word.

Well. I haven't chewed on a piece of red meat since last year. My jaws were aching afterwards. 

Fuck it was nice. Or as they say in South Africa, naace.

Now. Back to being a dairy-free, red meat-free pescatarian. 

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