Friday, February 15, 2013

sushi love

The Brit took me to this amazing Japanese restaurant last night, Wabi.

He wanted to recreate our Japanese culinary experience, as Japan is our special place and the sushi there almost blew my boobs right off my chest.

Well, it was like we were back there. The sashimi and other sushi comestibles were literally out of this world; fresh, amazing and ended up eating fuckloads.

Pity I have come down with a cold and am now a snivveling, feverish wreck. The rest of Valentine's Day was spent hypothesising while on flu medication. (So mildly high, to be fair.)

The Oscar Pistorius saga and why so many sports heroes have fallen from grace. Is it all that testosterone? Is it because sports people, literally think they're God and can get away with whatever they want/think they're invincible? What is it about Lance, Hansie, Joost and Oscar that makes them such tragic figures?

Anyway. The food was superb, and this is the first time I've been sick in ages. Usually, since moving to London, I get sick more regualrly than when I lived in South Africa. Tubes, hand rails, people in your grill, you get sick easily if you don't watch yourself.
Since on my uber healthy diet and exercise regime, I haven't been sick for ages.

Until now. I want my bed.

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