Friday, July 26, 2013


The Dove is back in town (well, in Europe, which is kinda in town strictly speaking), which only means:
Another epic Dove and Peas trip to a weird country that most people wouldn't want to go to. Possibly filled with communists. And brutalist architecture. And nuclear power stations that have exploded.

Last year we did Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; this year we have decided to go somewhere where we can actually
1) get a tan
2) hang out on a beach
3) but is still a little bit weird

So, we settled on Malta. Which most of my british friends say is a 'bit odd, but very Mediterranean.'

Oh, so not Spain then where all you fuckers go. All the time.

The good news of course, is that the tan I managed to accumulate in Borneo will get a nice little summer top up in Malta.
It's also supposed to be hotter than Satan's basement during a heatwave, with Dove texting me just ten minutes ago:
"Holy mother of Hades, I'm trying to cool down by rolling a cold Coke can down my legs. We'll also need insulated moon bags to store ice in. So be prepared."

She's in Greece, currently.

Malta is quite close to the coast of Tunisia, which is known to most as 'the desert.'

I have that embarrassing affliction of managing to get heatstroke from time to time, so this is going to get interesting. Might have to get each of us one of those fan caps. In fact I will. In duty free. At Gatwick. Tomorrow. At 4:30am. When my EasyJet flight takes off.

But first, before that, we collect our car today (in Kent, but that's neither here not there. At least it's a bit of a drive - get to test out the old quattro and go on a actual highway. Motorway. The Brits call it the 'motorway.')

One can easily get by without a car in London; you don't ever need need one. Not like if you live in the US or South Africa where you rely on driving everywhere. It's not a necessity, but hell it's nice on weekends. The Brit and I have got by using his old student car for long trips, but it's definitely overdue an upgrade.

Especially in winter - when you find yourself standing at a lonely bus stop in the freezing, icy cold waiting for what seems like years for a fucking bus.

Or when you're on the bus, and some chav is screaming 'cunt' to an old lady.

Yup. I think investing in our German mobile is going to pay for itself eventually.
Which I'll leave with the Brit for 4 days (to show off with) while I head to Malta with Dove, which frankly looks beautiful.

Hoorays all round!

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Coffee and Books Cape Town said...

beautiful. definition of a REAL village. hemmed in by the topography with absolutely no room for any dreadful urban sprawl! Dad