Tuesday, November 19, 2013

farrow and ball

We play a game on more idle days in the office. 'The Weather Game,' which pretty much bang-on fits its exact description.

An adjudicator reads out the places listed in the weather section of the Daily Telegraph, and opponents need to guess the maximum temperature for that day.
For example:

Adjudicator: "Perpignan, showers."

Peas: Let's see....showers....24 degrees.

Welsh man: Naw, are you Men-Tal. It's Win-Ter. Def-In-Itely Low-Er.

Ajudicator: 25. Point to Peas.

Peas: Yessss.

And there are leagues, and we have a table and thus far, I am the current champion. I have smidgeon of meteorological roots in my genetic makeup. There's a background in condensation in there somewhere, so my guestimates tend to be startlingly accurate.

Anyway. We've moved on.

We got wind of someone painting their living room - or more accurately - "their corral" in Farrow & Ball.
Us Dulux users in the room (having just painted ours Polished Pebble a few weekends ago), were both thrown into a fit of jealousy and curiosity.

The silky aristocratic finish of a Farrow & Ball is undeniable. It costs about £30 a pot of paint (about double the Dulux variety) and manor houses across Surrey are adorned with the stuff.

This lovely little blog post pretty much sums up Farrow & Ball users.

Anyway, we decided to veer off piste and push the Weather Game aside and instead introduce amongst ourselves The Farrow & Ball Challenge: Guess The Hue. Judged by the colleague who painted his living room "corral" in "Stiffkey Blue."

I'm Stiffkey Blue with envy. Middle class paints are the world in which I was meant to be born. Besides, we live in South West London! This is meant to be our schtick, because all our neighbours are doing it! Even if we pretend we Farrow & Ball, they'll know immediately that we don't.

The difference between "Mole's Breath" and our paltry "Polished Pebble" might not look like much when you're comparing swatches, but woe begone us when they see the paint on the actual walls.

Christ, we won't be able to invite anyone over at this point.

I digress.
The game.

Here are the swatches. Match the name to the hue.

Elephant's Breath     Clunch     Charlotte's Locks    Middleton Pink    Smoked Trout   Terre d'Egypte    Manor House Gray 



Let's just say "Elephant's Breath is the future."

UPDATE:  Clearly Dulux isn't going to cut it around here anymore. My pal in Manchester just got in touch to say she painted her entire living room in Elephant's Breath.

Am about to lose my shit and go out and buy 10 pots of Cooked Green Apple, as a gesture of my growing jealousy. I WANT TO BE PART OF THE FARROW CLUB. I WANT TO FARROW EVERYTHING.
And this is why. Right here.

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