Friday, November 29, 2013

the hag chair

Wanted to introduce the new contraption in my life.

Looks like I could launch a rocket in this thing, not so?
It also looks well worn. That's because it is. It is the maternity chair of our office, so has had a few pregnant asses sit akimbo on it. It's done the rounds.

It does force you to sit with your legs astride which is helluva flattering, while allowing you to lean back. Essentially, looks like I'm about to give birth in it.

But probably most importantly, it's actually called the HAG chair.

Someone up in the marketing department of this company who thought calling a maternity chair a HAG, was obviously the world's biggest piss taker, and mentioned it as a joke and next thing, a line of Hags were being manufactured ad infinitum. Or, he hates gestating women and thought Hag was just the name to describe one.

It's like making an illegitimate child sit in a high seat called a Bastard. (Isn't it?)

Frankly, it;s fucking hilarious.

Literally using a Hag chair.


Pebbles said...

It just needs flashing lights and some obnoxious tune.

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