Wednesday, December 04, 2013

20 week scan

 We went for our 20 week scan on Monday.

I was so excited. This isn't the first scan I've had, but being able to actually see what's going on inside an ever-growing belly is just too brilliant for words.

Last time I saw them, they had kicking legs and started to look more like babies not alien prawns. So I couldn't wait for this one.

While everyone else is getting drunk and eating sushi, I am living for scans. The moments that make pregnancy worthwhile.

The twins are lying yin and yang in my tummy -Twin 1 is literally doing a headstand on my bladder. It hurts and I need to pee every five seconds (I might be with a baggie and catheter near the end...), which explains why I'm super uncomfortable down there.
It's the slightly larger one, and is in the launch position.

Twin 2 is lying diagonally breech, with it's head up near my belly button. This one was pushing on its amniotic sac with its little hand, and crossing its legs. You could see all the little fingers and toes, their hearts beating, their brains and kidneys. It was amazing.

Everyone's babies look the same, especially on an ultrasound, but I wanted to show mine off. This is Twin 2 who seems to have rather long arms and a long leg.

And Twin 1 above who was more difficult to scan, was a little more camera shy.

They're moving and shaking in there quite a bit now, which is great, but seeing them actually move is another thing altogether. Because there's always a piece of me that thinks, Maybe my stomach is swelling for no apparent reason at all. Maybe I'm just a freak of nature.

And then I see them together.

We have decided not to find out the sexes. There's been so much surprise this year, we want to keep something for 2014.
So we looked away when we were told to. But I now know that SOMEONE - this random ultrasound guy - knows if we're having a boy/girl, boy/boy or girl/girl combo. He knows. Fuck we are disciplined - I don't know how we didn't crack and ask.

But I'm pleased. I have no idea what I'm having, and the surprise at the end will be worth it, no? Apparently there's an "instinct" where you just know that's meant to kick in, but I'm not sure if it's that or if I'm just self-prophesising?

Also old wives tales - like if you crave sweet things it's apparently a girl, or if you crave cheese and savoury, it's a boy. Frankly, I'm eating both. And a lot thereof, so does this mean I'm carrying a boy and a girl? That would be ideal, because the Brit and I can't agree on any additional names beyond the one boy name and one girl name we have picked.

Does anyone know of any other ways to try and tell? And, more importantly, should I be starting a betting poll here?


po said...

Amazing stuff! They look so big! I can only imagine the rearrangements going on in your organs :)

churchaholic said...

Suspend your wedding ring on a strand of your hair over your tummy button and - you'll have to Google this to check which way is right - if the ring spins it's a ... (can't remember) and if it swings it's a (ditto). Presumably if it does both you've got one of each.

We did this on all four of ours but I can't remember how accurate the results were - soz.

Val said...

Folk used to say you can tell by the way one carries but with twins this method could be thrown out the window! They are growing beautifully, Peas!

Pebbles said...

I've also heard that you can judge by the reactions of other young kids around you. If a young boy is very drawn to you, you are carrying a girl etc etc. But that's also just a tale :-)

So far I'm betting two portions of seared tuna sashimi that it's one of each :-)

churchaholic said...

RIP the Man. He was there all my life and was an integral part of it.

A shining light in the dark has been extinguished.

BiancaP said...

Two peas in a pod! Very sweet! They say girls 'steal' your looks and boys make you 'bloom'. I say one of each!