Tuesday, December 10, 2013

the tent dress

The Tent Dress.

Every mashionista (fashionista + maternity) inevitably gets one. Or has one, ready for the day they cannot be fucked to wear anything that resembles normal clothing anymore.

When you're so far gone, you basically stop caring what hangs out anymore.

I'm just about there. I am proud of my bump, but I'm also aware that I have expanded both frontways and sideways, and I when seeing pictures of myself in a bikini in June - on honeymoon - I wonder, mournfully, if I'll ever have a "beach body" ever again.

Today, I relieved my Tent Dress from it's constrictive hanger. Every morning I wake up and seem to have grown a bit more overnight.
I see mother's carrying singletons in my office, who are also about 21 weeks and they don't seem to have any bump at all. They ask me how far along I am, and eye out my bulge with a mixture of what looks like half envy and awe, and half revulsion.

Everyone else seems small and petite. Not I. I just have to remember the woman I met a few weeks ago at TWINS CLUB. She was carrying triplets, was 28 weeks and was mahoosive. Triplets. One only gets two boobs. So one must remember that in comparison, it's going to be just fine.

Anyway. I am looking decidedly well rounded. Hence today, I started wearing my Tent.

 Here we all. All three of us in our glory.

I was hoping to only bring the Tent out in 2014, but I guess I'm just going to need... a bigger tent.


Secret said...

You look LOVELY! And the tent is not so bad ;)

Peas on Toast said...

Thank you Secret!

Flarkit said...

Sjoe, that's mass... wait, what? That isn't even *close* to looking like twins! Seems like an everyday run-of-the-mill expecting mommy from this angle :D

MeeA said...

A lot of first time mommies don't show until late into their pregnancies - especially when they're carrying singletons.
You look lovely. :)