Wednesday, January 29, 2014

the motions

Starting to get breathless when I walk and talk.

Was told this would happen. You kind of start [huff] talking a [puff] little bit like [huff] this [puff.]
God forbid you have to rattle off a long sentence or walk and talk at the same time.

I am waddling like a motherfucker, and having to sometimes stop and rest on the way to somewhere. Crisis, I'll need to start taking the bus to the tube station every morning at this point, which is a shame, as that 20 minute walk is my waddling exercise before I head into the office.

One or both of my babies - it's hard to tell, I think it might be the one who is always jamming, has started to wake up around 5am every morning. Maybe its/they've been waking up at this time since the beginning, but due to their size, I now am fully aware that its/they're awake and ready to party.

The Brit and I lay there this morning - on our camper mattress in the dust - hands on my belly - while it churned and rolled and swept and kicked. My stomach literally moves around like molten lava.
It's freaky, but also rather wonderful at the same time. Impossible to get back to sleep though.

Tonight we go on a 'twin parenting' extravaganza. Can't fault us for not signing up to to everything twin-related this city has to offer. We are members of about four organisations and we are imbibing everything we can.
Tonight's session is less about how to breastfeed two or how to cope in the first months, but more a plan around how to actually be parents to twins. Like treat them as individuals and don't give them anything with too many e-numbers in it or they'll tear your house down like gremlins, kind of thing.

Then on Friday, my first bloody transfusion injection for my rare blood type, and a glucose test to see whether my blood sugar is normal. I have eaten so much sugar over the past few months, and am scared they'l tell me I have diabetes or something.
So have since stopped the sugar abruptly. Also because I saw the circumference of my thighs for what felt like the first time over the weekend, and it was quite a shocking site.

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