Thursday, March 13, 2014

summer braaing?

Despite itchy skin (everywhere now - I'm just one big itchball), being so breathless that finishing a sentence is hard work, and with an enormous belly, I have been told that my bump is very 'compact' by a few women.

Which is always nice to hear when you're literally feeling your worst. I'll take a compact bump.

So looking at the positives:

Our house is pretty much finished! I just need to sort out my mum's/the guest/future play room in our basement, and paint one or two other things and we should be done.

It feels like we are in a new house. Which I suppose we are in some ways. We've spent enough money on it, Jesus. Having twins and setting that up is nothing in comparison to the endless building, plumbing, carpentry costs this flat has leeched from us. 

Either way, we love our home now. My cousin from New Zealand - sorry: New Zaylin - has moved to London for two years. She last saw the place when it was relatively a-shambles with boxes everywhere, appalling paint job in the lounge, that sort of thing. And yesterday we proudly showed her around every square inch of the place.

"What do you think of these drawers?"
"Remember the carpet?"
"Look! Bookshelf."

For someone with a 13 hour jetlag, that must've been trying. *

It's nice to have an actual cuz living here. Some family. The last bit of family I had in the UK was my aunt, who died two years ago. Having a younger, hipper cousin here is going to be fabulous.

Plus if she doesn't find a job soon, I'll hit her up for babysitting. I'll only break this to her once she has settled in.

It is spring! The daffodils are out, the sun is shining and the temperatures are starting to rise. This could be our entire summer. One must never presume this kind of weather
1) may continue uninterupted
2) will get warmer

This is England after all. But thus far, it's promising to be a lovely spring.

You just need to break the seasons into their correct chunks, truest to their form. You really get the four seasons here, and it's something you have to learn to embrace and love. Autumn and spring in England are beautiful.

We are looking at getting a top of the range braai for the garden. It's my patriotic duty to own at least a decent Weber or such, especially now that we have a little garden.

The Brit was scrolling through a Bible-sized website of choices and we were getting VERY excited about slapping some boerie on the braai multiple times this summer, have some friends over, while our very good little sleeping angels will blissfully slumber in their nursery. And Mummy can enjoy a glass of wine....

Wishful thinking?

*Thirteen hour time difference. New Zaylin is Pluto. Seriously. 

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wonderfully written... all will get better from now on..positive thinking xx