Thursday, May 08, 2014

on the actual bus

First actual outing on a bus and by myself.

Am on actual bus as I write this. The last time I took a bus was 8 weeks ago to go to the hospital for my 35 week scan.
I was massive and wore my Baby On Board badge still. As a result, I got a seat.

Then our lives were turned upside down.

So. Now I am on my own, taking the 35 to my hairdressers. My hair looks like Jim Morrison's after an excessive five week Woodstock tour to a village made of hay bales, sans shampooing.

I have left my restless baby with my mum and intend to enjoy this sojourn into normal life. For an hour.

Gosh it's weird.

Me on pavement without baby bag, buggy...or bump.

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