Thursday, July 31, 2014

baby hair

It's time to face facts.

My kid, (as seen below at a few hours old), losing his hair. (As seen earlier today.)

I've been in denial for a while. He was born with a thick mop of beautiful hair, and it has slowly been thinning as the weeks go by. I see his little wispy hairs collect on his sheets every morning, and the back of his head is totally bald.
He was a little monkey as a newborn, with hair on his back and arms. Soft, downy fur not unlike a tiny creature from the ape world. How I miss his...downy fur.

My question is, when, dear God, does it grow back?


MeeA said...

Ah, Peas! He's just losing the lanugo that would have kept him warm and protected as a prem baby this first while.
The hair on his head should grow back eventually! :)

Vannessa said...

Haha they often get a bald patch anyway on the back of their heads from lying and turning their heads. Most babies born with lots of hair lose it all before their normal hair grows :)

Val said...

If you look carefully you will see the downy fluff of new growth. It will most probably be lighter than his first crop. But, my, how adorable is he?