Friday, August 22, 2014

losing stuff

I think I may finally be losing my mind.

I have lost more stuff in the last 24 hours than in years. And have no idea how.

I had my iPod in my hand in the morning - it never left the house - and I put it down somewhere. By the evening, I had turned the place upside down and nothing.

My iPod has literally disappeared into thin air. There is no other explanation.

I've lost Seb's dummies. A milk pump thingie. These don't leave the house, so where is the massive black hole they're hiding in?

I also exploded an egg. I put one in the microwave, which is always slightly controversial in cheffing circles, sure. But it went and exploded after I prodded it with a knife.

The thing about eggs is this. You have to be very careful with eggs. They're a universally recognised breakfast ingredient, and they're perfectly delicious. But there is a grey, gooey line with eggs, and while they're they're twelve parts great, they're also twelve parts disgusting. Eggs can be dreamy and revolting at the same time.

Anyway, sorry. Where was I after that eggy tangent?

See? This can't be normal. I can't remember anything, I am losing things and exploding things. I know baby brain is bad, but this is fairly diabolical isn't it?

Maybe someone is fucking with me. Maybe someone is entering my house and hiding his dummies, magically making them reappear elsewhere. Maybe someone stole my milk pump breast suction device, and I didn't lose it.
Maybe I threw my iPod in the bin thinking it was something else.

Or maybe I am really losing my mind. Once and for all.


Coffee and Books Cape Town said...

Sounds just like me! Try focusing on each thing you are doing. Only. Don't think of ANYTHING else. Eg "I am washing the dishes now, warm water running over my hands..". Its called Mindfulness. Works for me sometimes. Multitasking etc has its downside! Xx

Flarkit said...

I've also done the microwave-egg-prod-explosion thing. My theory is that the microwave turns fluids inside the egg into gas, so pushing against the egg causes that naaassty sticky mess!

Lesson learnt.

Vannessa said...

You know baby brain happens after having a baby but did you know it can happen after trauma or severe grief as well? Therefore you have received a double dose and should just roll with it. It won't last forever:)