Monday, August 11, 2014

parents of twinless twins

I'm feeling so emotional at the moment. I feel my daughter's presence everywhere.

So I turned to the Information Superhighway (for one always does that in the end), and found an organisation called Twinless Twins.

It has tens of thousands of members from all over the globe; helping twins who have lost twins or parents who have lost a twin(s), cope and share their stories and questions.

I found the forum on Facebook, specifically for parents who have a 'twinless twin.'

It's SO unbelievably sad reading everyone's stories and questions. And yet, I feel like I've come home. These people have sadly gone through everything I have. They have had memorials, have released balloons, and they miss their children/brothers/sisters.

They ask all the questions I ask myself.

I don't want it to become 'my thing' or fixate on it, but every now and then I see something and it all makes sense. And therein, lies small comfort.

Perhaps Seb will find comfort here, and I'll know how to answer all his questions when the day comes when we tell him that he is a twin, he has a sister, but she is in heaven.


Vannessa said...

It's amazing how connecting with others who have been through the same thing helps one in the process. When my daughter died I found quite a few blogs which dealt with child loss, actually mostly loss during or shortly after the pregnancy but I found it really helped just reading what they had to say. A group of them set up a site - for helping parents with their grief process. I see that it hasn't been updated in years, obviously they have moved on in their grief process. Not gotten over it, just moved onto a different stage. But there are still some helpful links there.

Anonymous said...

i completely agree - when you find a community who have been through the same loss as yourself you feel as though you have come home, as these are the people who really understand your loss and how you feel. I found babycentre forums were fantastic for this and met 5 good friends who i am still in contact with from over 6 years ago, all from different parts of the country. have a look at their forums too xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I still find it really sad that people have to go through these traumatic losses and suffer . be strong Peas xxxxx

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Vannessa and Michelle. Your comments are always so helpful and uplifting. I really appreciate them. xxx