Friday, September 19, 2014

sciatica and chateaubriand

It really has been the best summer I've experienced since living here. I don't want to jinx it, but it seems to be going on and on. I distinctly remember September being a bit shit last year.

Oh, and we get to keep Scotland. Yay!

(Seriously. This place was on tenterhooks. Panic and disarray. No pressure Mr Cameron.)

It's been a hectically busy week since we got back from Cornwall.

So three things really.

I have sciatica.
I know, right? What is that even?
I have a pinched nerve in my spine, the doctor thinks I have a slipped disc. So my legs are in agony whenever I sit or lie down. Or bend over. Or bend down.
Which is what I do all day with a baby.

Having a kid is gruelling ok. Gruelling, on the old back. Physically laborious. So I am on the painkillers. And hoping it'll just sort itself out. Like, if a disc slips, surely it can slip right back in?

I am of the belief that if you leave a problem, it goes away [about 50% of the time.]

I had my twins feet cast in silver.

I've had a lot of jewellery made since my twins were born. I suppose it's a way of preserving them together; of preserving Molly.

This is a big thing though. We had her feet cast when she was born, and they have managed to put them in silver. Sebastian had his cast a month ago and they've also done his in silver.

I love that their prints look different, and yet there they are together.

We did date night

I dressed up, as the Brit had booked a nice, very Michelin-star-ry type restaurant for us. (La Chapelle in Shoreditch, if anyone's interested. It's inside an old chapel, quite literally.)

Food was glorious - all very cordon bleu (tiny portions, but made beautifully.) He loves that kind of vibe. The Brit can sit and watch chefs in a kitchen all day, and gets a serious kick out of beautifully presented, tiny little morsels that explode in your mouth, but similarly explode your wallet as they are fantastically overpriced.
I find it all a little pretentious, but he laps it up like fine naan bread.

Bless him. At least I can say my husband would never take me to a Nando's. The man researches his restaurants ad infinitum before going.

Anyway, I was tucking into my Roast Cumbrian fillet of Chateaubriand and slow cooked truffle and quail salad, when my fucking sciatica kicked in.

I couldn't sit up straight, and I sure as hell couldn't finish my delicious glass of especially paired Malbec.
I was in so much pain, we called an Uber while Brit finished up the Valrhona chocolate mousse.

Needless to say, I still got out the house.

On our arrival home, I could hear my baby screaming from the road. That's never a nice, calming thing to come back to. We have only had a handful of babysitters, so we are still very much Helicopter Parenting our way through handing over responsibility of our most precious thing in the world to a stranger.

Sebastian had woken up, seen the face of someone he didn't recognise, and threw a shit fit so loud, I heard it before I'd even pulled up outside our house.

He was hysterical. And it reminds me again of how heartbroken I am going to be leaving him with someone else in a few months time.


Val said...

Lovely pic of you! Hope the back heals itself - nothing worse than backache.
Especially when it interferes with eating! That chateaubriand sounded fabulous. :)

MeeA said...

Hope you get the back sorted out quickly - may be worth a visit to a chyro.
Also, this may sound a bit airy-fairy, wishy-washy, but it can help: If you're going to leave your little man with someone else for a couple of hours, tell him. Ideally, show him who it is he'll be hanging out with and tell him that you'll be back a bit later for him. Totally daft, I know. But try it and see how it goes?

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks both. And thanks MeeA for the advice - I will give it a try! x

The Chantal said...

My sister and I also suffer from sciatica, so know how bad it can be :/ but never fear! hope is near!

I have 2 "slipped discs" proper name disc protrusions, the one is bad which caused sciatica, another time I lost feeling in my right foot and leg which freaked me out, anyways you can sort it out. Do pilates, it stretches the spine and over time the disc can go back in and you can avoid surgery, also strengthens the core so you take weight off your back, but you musn't lift anything heavy (impossible with a child to carry I know) but avoid everything else. It takes time, you'd have to do pilates regularly for a while, also good for post baby tummy so doubly good :)

I would not go to a chiropractor for a slipped disc! My orthopaedic surgeon believes in physio or pilates.