Wednesday, October 15, 2014

autumn walks

Well, our summer is over.
This has been the longest, most beautiful summer I've experienced since living here (my 5th! Can you believe it?), and we got at least two months extra sunshine and warmth out of it this year, so I am grateful.

It also means when autumn rolls around, you're ready for it, as summer hasn't been a complete wash out.
I've cracked out the cashmere, tried desperately to try and fit into more of my pre-pregnancy trousers (still too tight. Aargh! My hips are staying stubbornly widened and seem to have no intention of shrinking again. Why?)
I am in the boots and my hats. I love hats. They hide all sorts of hair afflictions (mine is falling out, so a hat is especially handy), and they keep your pip nice and warm.

I have another first cousin who has moved to the country. That makes two now!
This one is on my dad's side of the family, from Cape Town, but has been living in Straylia for the last four years. They've come over here as her husband is studying a phD at Oxford. Bright couple of folks they are.

So Sebastian and I headed up there yesterday - in hats and boots of course - to visit.

We went for a walk in the afternoon with our babies, and as we shut the gate behind us and turned a corner, I had a crazy feeling of deja vu. I had definitely been here before.

From this angle, I never would've recognised that I'd been here before (especially as it was snowing at the time).

I realised it was the church a friend of mine had got married in, in December 2012. The church looked so different from the back angle, but on turning the corner I couldn't believe it. Out of all the places or churches in Oxford, my cousin lived right next to one I'd actually been to.

We walked along Iffley lock, it was so quaint and autumnal. I often think about moving out of London, especially if our family grows, and while five years ago I wouldn't consider living somewhere rural, now it really appeals to me.

Bring on the country vibe, I say. Cow crap and everything.
Sebasticle met his second cousins.

Last week, we walked around Hyde Park with a friend, and even in London, autumn is breathtaking.
(Royal horses and guards galloping past, ever so nonchalantly.)

Tonight, I head out with Irish for a hot German sausage and some beer, at Herman Ze Germans. Goodie!


Kate said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's unlikely your hips will shrink back to pre-pregnancy size. A woman's pelvis and hips shift position when she's pregnant; hips widen in preparation for delivery. The good news is that you have a legitimate excuse to go shopping for new pants.And if you didn't have a thigh gap before, you just might get one now, being that your hip bones are a bit further away from each other now.

Anonymous said...

Husband and I totally planned on living in London when we moved over 3 months ago, but after living in the country for 3 months with my folks, we have grown quite accustomed to December, we are moving into our own home in Sevenoaks - which is totes country, but with the benefit of being able to get into London fairly quickly :) PS - Oxford...omg, I would totes do the commute in if I could afford to live in Oxford.

Ps - you have known me as secret up until now - new blog on a different website, and I thought it time to let the secret out :P

MeeA said...

What Kate said about the hips.

Beautiful, beautiful pictures - makes me want to pack up everything and move.