Tuesday, April 21, 2015

behind the scenes of the baby fashion blogger

I have carpal tunnel syndrome.

Yes, it's a real thing even.

Hand, wrist and arm throbbing painfully, to the extent I thought I'd ruptured something when throwing around a kettle ball in the gym, then laughed out loud when I realised how little the kettle ball actually weighed and how I need to actually get serious about doing something about my arm ham keeping these bad boys toned up for the Dove's wedding in October.

Anyway. It's got somethign to do with using a mouse or phone or some kind of electronic device too much and straining the nerves. Well it fucking hurts. It's oretty debilitating having to do meetings, sleep, eat and write, swipe and tap away with an arm that's rendered useless for a few days.

Especially the one you actually write with.

But I have started a new side project regardless. It's helped to justify a;; the [fun!] spendage that has been made on Sebastian's baby clothes, and it's also to slightly take the piss out of fashion bloggers who pose against the walls of Somerset House wearing stuff that's hashtagged to shit.

I need to somehow turn this new gig into affiliate advertising, but my hand's too sore for that and I'm too fucking busy, so, priorities.

Anyway. here you go. This is what Sebastian Is Wearing. [Get the look!]

Let me give you a taste of what it's like photographing a diva. Might update this one more regularly than this blog. Easier. Less typing.

Thus far, Sebastian's outfits have been nicely documented outside, in the sun, larking about on the common. (It's spring! Did you not know?)

But, given I also have a job and have to do, like, everything, always, sometimes, like this morning, the photos are taken with my phone in the hallway. Or bathroom. Or spare surface.

If, like today, my model is completely uncooperative and has rivulets of snot streaming from his nose while he loses his shit against a cupboard, then we won't be doing an OOTD as regularly as we hoped.
 Hugely not into this.
 (OOTD: Dungarees by Next, t-shirt by Petit Bateau, high tops by Converse.)
 Going to throw myself on the floor in protest.

Or, like yesterday, I had the audacity to wake him up. The actual nerve - had to wake him up to take him somewhere, and he basically gave me the look of death all the way home.
 Why that's a lovely hairy eyeball you're giving me.
 OOTD: Hashtag "Don't give a shit."

Or, like how he is currently fascinated with the toilet. He flushes it, holds onto it, sticks his fingers into it - basically - I have to peel him off the family throne every morning. Thrice, four times.
 Photo shoot for OOTD yesterday. Model is sucking on Mummy's face brush next to toilet.
 Arty. Lone model staring whimsically at toy boat. Whilst hanging onto the toilet.
(OOTD: Hoodie by JoJo Maman Bebe, cords by Baby Gap, shoes by Trotters. Attitude by Sebastian.)
Then losing his shit and throwing himself onto the floor.

The life of a baby fashion blogger is a difficult one.


Secret said...

Had a proper laugh at this! Very funny and very cute :)

Secret said...

Had a proper laugh at this! Very funny and very cute :)

Margaret Brown said...

Adorable baby wearing cool baby clothes ! The photo shows on how to be more patient with kids.

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