Monday, August 10, 2015

unexpected loss

After such a lovely weekend with them a couple of weeks ago (see below), my mother-in-law very unexpectedly pass away last week.

The shock and grief that is running through my Brit and his family at the moment is inconceivable. She was such a young-at-heart, healthy woman. Never did anyone expect something like this to happen.

The last week has been grim, as you can imagine. I went down to Hampshire with the Brit for the first four days, to be there and to support. Although I felt like there isn't much I can really do, having my hands full with Sebby, but all in all, good to be there with them.

We all have such heavy hearts. Her funeral is this coming Friday, and the Brit is saying a eulogy. He is still down there sifting through the aftermath and her things. It's dreadful on all accounts.

I am so deeply saddened for him, and for her grandson, my Sebastian. He was just getting to know her, and now at 16 months old, sadly won't remember his Granny. There is an absolute emptiness, and it's left her family inconsolable.

I'm back at work now, and will be down there again on Thursday.
My only hope is that she is with Molly. The rose our friends gave to us on my twins birthday this year has just sprouted its first bloom in our garden. So I'd like to think of it as a sign that they are together, wherever they may be.

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