Thursday, February 04, 2016

eastern bloc sojourn

It's been a while (years) since I've done a trip to a completely weird post-communism country. It used to be my schtick.

Well, tomorrow that changes. The new British passport will be doing its maiden voyage to none other than the eastern European country of:

........ROMANIA! I win Romania!

It'll be negative 2,  and we'll be there until Monday evening, but nonetheless this is exciting.

I'm going with my team from work, and one of my colleagues happens to be Romanian so will be our local guide. She has booked us into Communist-style apartments, and show us all sorts of interesting things in Bucharest.

I go with my heart in my throat a little though. I really do hate leaving my little boy. Even for a matter of days. Also, while Daddy travels frequently, Mummy doesn't, so he is going to be very confused. He knows when we leave now. He remembers and it's heartbreaking when he calls out for one of us if we are not there.
The cars. Communism had the best shittest cars.

Anyway. Deep breaths. It's three nights, and I get to take pictures of bleak, brutalist buildings and lie in until 8am. Eat brunch undisturbed. Do some cultural stuff for a change. Tick off another country. Use my shiny new passport.

So aesthetic it hurts the actual eyeballs.


Kate said...

Romania? Really? Sooooo jealous

Andy G. said...
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Andy G. said...
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