Wednesday, March 23, 2016

easter break

We are going to Mallorca today! For six whole days.

It's our last little holiday as three; and we are all desperate for some sunshine. Holidays with a child is really 'Same shit, different location,' but at least the location will be somewhat sunny. And we will be on the beach. Eating Spanish tapas.

I've never been to Mallorca. But I've only ever heard good things about the little Balearic.

We are hiring a car and plan to do some exploring, so we should get to see a few beaches and villages while we are there.

My only requests are few, but hopefully not futile:

1) May Sebastian not have a tantrum. Or if he does, may it not be when we are on the beach/in public/on the plane.

2) May there be no horrible easyJet-related delays. With the awful stuff happening in Brussels, to the French air traffic control strike, this may not be the ideal journey over.

But I remain hopeful. All in the name of Spanish sunshine.

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