Tuesday, March 08, 2016

plates a-spinning

Pretty stressed out at the moment.

We have 'sold' our flat. And we've 'bought' a house.

But that doesn't mean anything in British terms. When you buy property here, or sell, nothing is set in stone until the ink has dried on the contracts. And it can take months just to get the ball rolling on the contracts. So, for what seems like months on end, you are in a sort of No Man's Land of  Houselessness.

The deal could fall through at any time in this process; so you can't dream about paint swatches or soft furnishings until you're pretty much inside the house.

We are stuck in the worst part of the process at the moment: the Chain. Our buyer wants to get into our flat, while we want to get into our house. But we have to wait for the current family of our new house to vacate/find a house for themselves. Which means our buyer might get impatient and pull out, or they might change their minds about selling altogether.

It's not over until the fat lady sings. And it's fucking stressful. 

It doesn't help that I am 5 months pregnant, a little bit panicked about whether we will be in the house by the time our new arrival appears, or not.

The thing that worries me the most is Sebastian. A newborn will be with us in our room for a number of months, so space won't be an issue immediately. However, Sebastian's current life is about to be turned upside down.

We'd need to get him into a new nursery. Leave his current (and amazing, not-on-a-par with any others apparently) nursery, into a new house, and get him used to a new baby. The poor little bugger won't know what hit him.

And in true childcare fashion, we are battling to get him into the nursery we like. I drove around our new area (south east London/Kent), to view nurseries last week. Some were appalling, whereby I wondered how on Earth i could ever leave my little urchin there, while one shone out like a diamond and only have space for one day a week.

Fine if we move once I am on maternity leave (mid-June), but what about in the interim?

There are a lot of moving parts to juggle at the moment, and i just hope it all comes right. 


Nicole M said...

If it not being too nosy - where in Kent did you end up buying Peas? ]

Good luck with this buying/selling story - it certainly is a strange way of doing things and it would stress me out way too much :S

Peas on Toast said...

Hey Nicole!

Not at all - we are looking in Beckenham. You're in Sevenoaks right? We thought Beckenham was still close enough to London but enough away that we could get a bigger place with a biggish garden...here's hoping it all works out xx

Nicole M said...

I am in Sevenoaks for now - we're looking at moving to Orpington/Bromley area later this year as, frankly, travelling from Sevenoaks into London is just too fucking expensive - also, believe it or not, but, as we want to get a little family home as we plan to start a little family next year, houses are a bit cheaper in Orpington/Chelsfield area...I still want to go as rural as I possibly can, but within Zone 6 (it is possible!)

Beckenham is totally lovely, I looked at a few places there when we first moved into our own place after arriving here - admittedly, its a little too close to the city for my liking (funny how this works - its not city, but its too city for me and its not city, but more suburban for you - lols!) Good luck with the house story, I hope you get what you want! :)