Wednesday, January 12, 2005

as it stands

Office debates at the moment (please keep in mind that we are all women):
1)What colour our wedding dresses will be if we ever get married. (Minus the two that are already hitched). I opted for white with the whole shebang veil and tiara, but my bridesmaids will be in red/burnt orange. I'll sing a song at the reception to my new hubby and he'll fall into a pathetic heap on the floor, crying and saying, clutching his heart: "You're the best thing that has ever happened to me. I MUST BE THE LUCKIEST MAN IN THE WORLD! (sniff sob)". On top of that, everyone would tell me that I have the voice of a nightingale. After years of drunken-induced karaoke, this is a farfetched dream.
Khali wants a black and white wedding. No thanks. Karen doesn't know, but says probably blue and a simple dress. Michelle had a champagne, dark green and white wedding. Sounds lovely. Anyway, so that's the first topic, because Nicole is getting married and so we were all browsing through her bridal magazines.

2)Diets. Crap crap crap. The downfall of an all-female office. Everyone but everyone is dieting, except ME. The Zone, Atkins, Body For Life, and they have ALL lost weight. While I had a serious problem putting jeans on this morning. So I stood up and shouted at them all to stop comparing waist sizes and bulges because I'm totally sick of it. My yelling hasn't stopped this. Michelle says her husband hasnt noticed a difference.

3)Where would we go if we could choose a honeymoon? Michelle went to Holland and Italy. Khali says Hawaii. Karen doesn't know. Me=Provence, Prague or an island like Maldives. We sound so desperate, but trust me, and I speak for myself, I'm not. At approximately R100 000 for a wedding, I'm just fine being single thanks.

4)We just got free shirts from Michelle's supplier!! It's amazing how these things take the dane out of mundane. I don't know if I want a black or white one. Went for the black, because I feel Gothy today. Tis rather nice.

5)We're not debating anymore. Just furiously tapping on keys. I'm for a cuppa of Earl.

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