Thursday, January 27, 2005

bad deja vu

So my company has a new CEO. CEO's don't stay here long apparently. They normally last about 6 months. Possibly because this place is always undergoing change and because its such a huge company, made up of little companies, no-one really knows whats going on the whole time. For all his very nor funny jokes and laid back shrewdness, the old CEO was pretty cool. He let us off early on Fridays to go drinking, or let us leave bottles of wine in our fridge, hell, he probably didn't know half the stuff we got up to. I met the new one about 2.5 minutes ago and I'm already shitting myself. He has the look, demeanour and crazed-psychotic slave driver feel of the editor of my last job. He was mean. No, he was evil. And now his scary twin brother has come to haunt me some more.

On top of that, there is a bottle of whiskey and half a bottle of wine sitting on my desk. Oh and did I mention the tequila?
There's talk that he's thinking of downscaling the company and retrenching people.
No prizes who's going first. Maybe I'll be heading off to San Francisco sooner than I thought...hhmmm trams...bridge...chinatown...cali-forn-eye-aye.

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