Wednesday, January 26, 2005

memory dump

All IT guys are the same. I had to clean up my hard drive today because I have zero memory. So, Simon, our IT guy explains what will happen to my little laptop, but it's all gibberish to me: "It'll configure itself into a compressed file then upload a....". He explaisn this to me as if I'm a little child, slowly pronunciating each syllable, his little geeky glasses steaming up as he talks. Like I'm meant to know this shit? I'm a writer dude. Anyway, now I keep getting an error message flashing on my screen. It says: "Beginning physical memory dump."
Oh wait, here's another: "Physical memory dump complete."

If I didn't know better, I'd think that something has taken a dump on my hard drive. And then kindly informed me that it had finished.


B said...

Sounds like your IT guy is an idiot. I mean cmon, just fix the damn thing and don't go about explaining how you did it or how fucked up the thing is.

As for your little problem, I have some good advice: take your laptop, and throw it off a tall bridge. Theres a fix to the problems... oh wait, you don't want to break the thing? Well it sounds like your operating system took a shit (theres your something that kindly informed you that its done taking a dump on your harddrive)... reinstall your operating system after you backup all of your important things. Or just let the IT guy screw around with it and he should eventually fix it...

Peas on Toast said...

ha ha. unfortunately my laptop is my life. So hurling it off a bridge will cause me problems that I care to think of. Its been sort of sorted out thank goodness, so for now, all is ok. :)