Tuesday, January 11, 2005

bowling club

so friday proved eventful. Arrive with colleagues in tow and just KNOW I'm going to see all of Richard's friends. If not, Richard. Well all his friend's were there. Actually spoke to Matt and Dave and casually said, "So How's Rich?" They were like, "Yes, so how IS Rich?" As if?! Apparently have "no idea" that we don't even talk anymore nevermind anything else! Meaning two things: I meant nothing to him, because if I did they'd see that he was bummed that we had "broken up." Also he wasn't there, meaning he's either working very hard or is spending time with another Betty. The latter I'm sure, which has to be flipping Francesca. Aaaarfgh!! Put me in rather a bad mood, so drank a lot. When Jo and I went to bathroom met these two lesbian women that proceeded to buy me shooters every five minutes. They just kept arriving on my table. Had to tell them I was staright so was wasting their time. Asked if I was interested in a threesome. Sorry no. Asked for Jo's number, so gave it. Got a phonecall from said Jo about five minutes later. Was rather funny.

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