Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Greyhounding across the States

I didn't really watch the first season of "The Simple Life, " featuring my 'favourite' person of all time: Paris "I'm famous because grandaddy opened a few hotels Hilton. But the second season starts in SA TONIGHT and I am definately not missing this one. Apparently, the two take a Greyhound bus from LA to New York. Gasp! That is SO hectic! The best way to see a country is from a bus, albeit with extra legroom, hot meals and no fat oozing men sitting next to you. I've taken more than enough Greyhounds in my life, on two day journeys. Imagine filling up a bus with a group of mates and having a constant party from take off in LA and then arriving in New York the next day? Totally wicked, I say!

Seriously. Paris Hilton has no idea of anything. I have a couple of Simple Life ideas I'd like to punt to the director of the show:
*Make them clean a toilet in a refugee camp in Guatemala
*Strand them in a ghetto for a night, perhaps Harlem or South Central LA. Or even better: Gugulethu or Soweto
*Pick cotton in the baking heat
*Be prison wardens for a day.
*Make quilts in an Amish camp

Now THAT'S superb reality TV.


Ed Abbey said...

Do they have different versions of that show over there? The first season was where they lived on a farm the entire season. The second season, they drove from Florida to LA in a truck pulling a camper doing odd jobs here and there. The third season they are advertising as them being interns as various places of employment. My wife likes the show so unfortunately I have to watch it. How brainless can two people be? If I were their parents, I would absolutely be ashamed of my kids.

Peas on Toast said...

Totally. What father could look at her child that spends all his money, walks around with a rat dog and laughs at poorer people, with wonder, and think ,"wow! I did a great job?"