Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Getting freindly with Richard's mates isn't going to bring him back. Plus it hurts. So not sure if I should get together with Matt or Nick sometime. Maybe in the future. I was doing so well as well. So yesterday we had no electricity in our office so left at lunch and I promptly went shopping, bad idea. Have to save for Zanzibar. But then I did happen to find the most incredible tops: one green, one black. Green is the new pink, definately. They are backless and halterneck and fall right below my boobs. So lovely. Mum and Rolf are coming for dinner tonight. Steve is cooking Thai-tom yum soup and pad thai. Yummy. Then tomorrow we're going to mfrigging Primi with Bev-I'll have to have a jam jar for courage - then Thursday its dinner with Candice, then Friday is the ghost bus tour. Yipppppeeeeee!

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