Monday, January 31, 2005

steamy windows

I am still seething about Steve. Surely all this anger can't be good for you?

We both go totally overboard when we fight. We are actually terrible when we fight. I throw things; he can't control his obsenities. I got out of his stupid new car last night and he called me a bitch. I was hobbling to the front door and said, "Well at least I don't have a small peeeeeeeeniss!"
OK so that was horrible. Naughty Laurian.

I'm living in the spare room. He said I can't sleep there because it's actually HIS bed. I said that if he watches MY TV there'll be hell to pay. Last year he threw yoghurt all over me, and I poured water all over his head when he was sleeping. Why do we put up with each other?? OK we don't fight like this ofetn, but we are truly so mean to each other.

Is there anybody out there that fights dirtier than we do?


Stephanie said...

One Christmas I threw a tray of raw cocktail sausages (lovingly wrapped in bacon and mustard) at my ex when he dared to criticise the way I planned the Christmas dinner. I had never made a big roast dinner before and wasn't sure how to time things so that everything would be hot and ready at the same time... Twas NOT a Merry Christmas. :) He deserved a tongue lashing, but not to be covered with mustard and various pork products..

Peas on Toast said...

That's a pearler. He deserved it too. You'd think after all that loving preparation and thoughtful integration of cold food versus warm food would be appreciated. Steve's done that too a couple of times. OK fair enough, it was fish and chips, but he said something like, "It's not like you slaved away in the kitchen for this." When a "thnak you" would've sufficed. Arrgh. MEN!

Peas on Toast said...

I've just recieved this on e-mail now:

VIRGO - (22 August-21 September)

"Most of you are gentle and have full control over your emotions BUT THOSE OF YOU GIVEN TO TEMPER TANTRUMS CAN CERTAINLY GET VIOLENT. When seeing things with rage, you yell and shout and TEND TO BREAK THINGS LYING CLOSE AT HAND. You can even harm yourself by banging your hands on a glass top table or wall. You should never get into any argument, for you are a sore loser. You feel that others are trying to persecute you and don’t quite respect your opinions. When hurt, you can also hold grudges forever."


zuzula said...

My ex and I had the most fabulous rows. In two years I worked my way through an entire crockery set, I lost count of the number of times he nearly lobbed the TV out of the window. we shouted, screamed and said the vilest things to each other - the making up afterwards was fun though ;) Hope you two get things sorted honey!

Roonie said...

I don't think I've ever fought that dirty with a guy. But I'm guessing he deserved it, so more power to you.

London Browser said...

I honestly dont know why you stay with him, dont tell me its love, cause when you fight that much theres really no point, oh and sorry about my comments on your january posts, Ive accepted you as the embodiment of most women in this world.
- London Browser

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