Monday, January 31, 2005

too much

It's Monday all over again. So not fair. And on top of it, I had nightmares last night that some stalker guy was trying to kill me because I exposed him in some journalistic way and he nearly killed me with a tennis racket. Woke up in a sweat. Friday, albeit I couldn't move, I went to mum's for an after work glass of vino, then got home and had a couple of drinks with the boys that came over. Jules, one of my dearest mates from school, is in town, so I met her and a shole lot of familiar people for dinner at Ashly's. Then Butch rocks up. Oh god, oh god. Richard's roommate. I think I mustv'e quaffed two bottles of wine, because I was so stressed out. Please we haven't officially met, we just sort of know each other, because I was often in Richard's room. So he kind of winked at me and said, "I know you." Eekk. "Hi, yes." So it was rather awkward. I left early. We went to a 21st on Saturday - then an engagement party on Sunday. It's like we're neither here nor there-just right in the middle. Made the mistake of asking Steve if I could drive his new car home, just for a try. I didn't crash it, but he kept on telling me how to drive and what a shitty driver I am. Eventually, because I was so nervous, I pulled over. He told me I am a bitch. I am SO SICK of him talking to me like that when he's cross. It's actually just made me so mad. I tell him over and over not to swear at me and treat me like that and he always does it. So I have moved into our spare room until further notice. I refuse to back down this time. Hopefully I wont even have to look at him if I go in early to work and come home late. I am officially single until I decided if he deserves a final chance. And not a moment too soon.

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London Browser said...

'I am SO SICK of him talking to me like that when he's cross'- and cheating on him is ok?