Thursday, January 13, 2005

stupid stupid

Did something stupid whilst quaffing shiteloads of vodka last night. I blame the dull company I was in. Amongst the hazy sinews of my brain, I realised that I smsed Richard's best mate last night. He said to me a week ago that we should get together for a drink sometime. I was hesitant because it actually hurts and I don't especially want to know how R is, because "He's great!" will make me depressed, and "He misses you terribly" is an unrealistic answer. But I texted him to say that maybe we could meet up this Saturday. Nothing. I forgot that sometimes we don't really mean it when we say "Let's get together...sometime!!!!!" Now I feel really STOOPID.
How bad will this look? How pathetic will R think I am?

I'm thinking uber super gastronmically dumb. Oh my bloody god and fuck.

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