Thursday, February 10, 2005

conquering the mundane

Sometimes, it's the mundane that gets you through a day.

There is absolutely nothing better than:
1) Sqeezing a fantastic zit.
2) Letting rip in the office and blaming someone else.
3)Sipping on tea.

I still think finding a good zit is the best. And don't pretend you don't ever squeeze your zits, because EVERYBODY does.


Blondie said...

Also good
1.) having a skinny day
2.) rearranging pens and post it notes on your desk.
3.) sometimes I like to go label crazy and label every drawer, file, etc. Then I label things that don't need to be labeled like the chair.
4.) We have a shrink wrap machine and a laminating machine at work. Sometimes I try and see how many things I can shrink wrap, or laminate.

Bennet said...

I'm rather fond of digging out eye crud. Nothing makes me happier in the morning. Those little crispy sculptures so perfectly shelled in the eye corners. I LOVE IT!

Nettie said...

I must admit I am a fan of squeezing a good zit. Let's see, what else? I am also a fan of labeling things- I like to label all the shelves at work. Just cause I can.

Peas on Toast said...

Blondie - oooh a shrink wrap machine?? I'd go crazy. I'd shrink wrap my stationery, my lunch tin and even my trash can.

Bennet - that's disgusting. But I also like doing it.

Nettie - labelling is an all-time favourite. I have labeled all my nice pens. So therapeutic.