Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Europe! Surprise!

I am stupendously excited. Steve gets to travel abroad a lot for his company. He basically gets to go to a lot of great places, and a lot of shitholes, depending where a client/company needs financial advise. He normally goes for months on end, mostly Europe, the States and China/Australia, while I stay at home and wish upon wish that I could travel too - until now! He’s very kindly and beautifully booked me a plane ticket to Brussels (via Madrid), so I can stay with him there at his hotel, then we’ll take the train to Amsterdam for the weekend. You say SHUT UP! I say FOR REAL! It's a long way to go for only a week, and I'll literally get off the plane and go straight to work when I get back, but hey! How fucking AWESOME is this?

Ok I was last in Amsterdam when I was eleven, so I’ve never really optimised on what it has to offer. My parents and I stayed in the red-light district, but I never saw anything because dad would put his hands over my eyes as we walked. Although I did catch a woman shnarffing coke right outside the hotel door, but even then, I had no idea what she was doing…

And to make the experience even better, Jules and Will (dearest friend from school that’s now an interior designer in Clapham with Brit boyfriend) are popping over to join the party in Amsterdam for the weekend! I am so excited, yet so poor, so who knows how I’m going to get my euros to stretch, but I will make do.

The last time I travelled with Jules, we went to Spain to ski and ended up pulling our ski instructors that were like two decades younger than us. It was a hoot. Also because we couldn’t ski, and we had to be carried down a black run over the shoulders of some dude we didn’t know, because we were hysterically crying and screaming in fear. What a laugh. So I’m very glad she’s coming along. Now I have to get hold of Emily, my best mate, who’s also gallivanting around London. Her stupid inbox is full, so I can’t e-mail her. Will have to call her mother. Would be fantastic if she could come too. So this all happens in April, two weeks after Zanzibar. It’s insane! Europe for a week! Wonderful!

Now here's a question: what places to we have to see, besides the obvious: Sex Museum, the Bulldog. Any other little party nooks anybody knows about? Oh, and is it a cliche to hire a bike there?


zuzula said...

ooohh how fab! Lucky you! I love Amsterdam... but unfortunately every time I go I come back barely remembering anything about my visit. oops ;)

Peas on Toast said...

That's what I'm afraid of. I'm terribly excited. Sorting out visas from my end is rather taxing. Steve has a British passport, so he's lucky. I'm also spending a fair amount of time in Brussels, so I'm finding out what I can do while I'm there. Apparently the Manneken Pis (the peeing statue) is a must and the Modern Art Museum. Oh and chocolates and beer. I'd better start saving.....:)