Thursday, February 17, 2005

Let's see. This is what is going on in my somewhat bland existence:

1) Steve is mad because while he was lazing on the couch watching cricket, fucking cricket, again last night, I made the mistake of making myself a cup of jasmine tea and not offering him any. I am a selfish person.

2) I live the life of sub-editor today, not copywriter. Everyone seems to think I know how to spell/spot corrections. But I actually am very bad at that sort of thing.

3) I have just eaten a tub of salmon cream cheese.

4) I am registering to do a part-time photography course starting in March. I hate academic bureaucracy. It totally blows when I have, to date, filled in three registration forms, submitted four enrolment packages, and yet it always seems to get "lost." Because I have given them to the wrong person, or that person doesn't know what's going on in her own department/has been smoking crack. It would be so much easier to say "sod it all," yet, I really want to be a good picture-taker.

5) To go out for Chinese tomorrow night with my mum and Rolf, or not to go out for Chinese with my mum and Rolf?

6) I really need to clean my cupboard. I cannot find any bras, there are shoes in there I never knew I had, and my skirts have disappeared under a pile of who knows what.

7) According to this week's heat magazine, Brad wants Jennifer back. Last week the magazine admitted to making up an interview. So I'll wait until Marie Claire comes out.

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