Tuesday, February 08, 2005


I'm going to skip out all the gory details and just say: steve and I are going to counselling. And I'm very pleased about it. That was my ultimatum and he's agreed.

On a different grain, I got an sms from Richard yesterday:
Hi La, how you doing! Have been meaning to get in touch with you for a while now. Am sorry for being a prick. Not because I think we should be together, but because I was unreasonably harsh to a friend...can't debate it now, but will be in touch. Rich.

I spent the whole day over-analysing this little gem of a text message. Does he mean he wanted us to be together? Or that he never wanted to be? Or is he protecting himself, or making me feel better? I realised later that he meant that he meant that he doesn't think we should be toegther. I am actually fine with this little statement. However, he's made contact! So I cannot help feeling happy about that?

From the pro's: WHAT DOES HIS SMS MEAN REALLY? Please be honest, it's totally cool.


Stephanie said...

Good luck with counselling. The fact that Steve agreed to go is a good sign that he is willing to try.

As for Richard. I think it means what he said - he values you as a friend and feels sorry that he treated you badly. Sounds like he is up for having a good friendship which isn't really a bad thing. Unless, of course, you are keen to get back together..


Peas on Toast said...

Thanks sweetie. Yes, I think counselling would be way beneficial right now. And you're right about Richard. I just hope I can do it. The friend thing I mean.

Blog ho said...

=( he seems...to want to be friends. that's man speak for no relationship. nice that he apologized for being a prick, though. no?

Stephanie said...

As far as being friends with your ex, I think that it is admirable and adult but you shouldn't get upset or worried if you find it hard. That may just mean that you need a bit of time. How long has it been since you two split up?

Anyhow, good luck with Steve. I hope that you work things out. :)

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks guys. Steph - It's been just over two months split from Richard. I think things will be fine, except if he pulls in a chick in front of my face, or worse, introduces me to a new girlfriend...so everything else I can handle, cept for that.

Ho - thanks. I figured as much.