Tuesday, February 22, 2005

we step it up a notch

So since my ex decided to ring me up one day, after three months of not talking to each other, we have been having a text relationship. Along the lines of "How was your day? I made tea, then visited my mother. You?"
And he'd say, "Hi, I ate noodles and then watched a movie. What you up to this weekend?" And so it would go. I was NOT going to ask him to meet me for a drink first under all costs. This texting relationship has gone on for 3 weeks.

I texted him yesterday about Emily's story on the tube: "The most hectic thing happened to Sarah in London on the tube. It's about dead people. Must tell you sometime."

He called me a sensationalist journalist then said we must meet on Wednesday for drinks at the Jolly Roger. Fuuuuuccccck. OK. This is going to be hectic.

I will not have sex with him. I will refrain from even touching his gorgeous, golden skin. Maybe I won't even look at him. I'll call him 'bro' and 'mate' alot to keep the amicable FRIEND-ful vibe.

This is going to be fucking hard. Maybe I should invest ina chastity belt.


B said...

Uh oh... definately sit away from him. Don't get too comfy or anything. Talk to him like you would a friend and not anything more. And that belt may be a good idea. Buy 2 locks for it. And a big chain. Or somethin.

Christopher said...

I have no problem repelling my ex....and women in general.


Peas on Toast said...

Chris - I'm sure you're actually completely and utterley shagadelic to them Chris, although you might not think so. But *hugs* anyway.

Anyway you don't want your ex back, as much as you think you do, you actually DON'T. As much as I find mine attractive, I do NOT want to go down that path again.

I guarantee you that somewhere in Englad, in the town in whcih you live, at least, and I say AT LEAST five girls want to shag you right now. So go get 'em tiger. [The last phrase I heard in a movie. It's very cheesy isn't it??]

B - I'll make sure that there is one huge table between us and I will definately keep my hands to myself/talk to him like a mate/and cross my legs. Promise. :)

Christopher said...

Thanks for the kind words. They really cheered me up. I'm kind of in this place where I'm doubting my skills as a partner. Like, what if my next relationship fails like my last one did? What if there isn't to be a next relationship?
All silly thoughts really but they're nagging ones.
When I get my confidence back I shall hit the town and be care free. I blame working in an office. It gives me waaaay too much time to think.

Thanks again xxx

Lola said...

La, we should find someone who manufactures chastity belts and get them to supply all the Laurians and Loriens in the world because I think we all need them desparatley. And although I dont-wanna-go-there with most of my ex's, I always end up drunk and sexually charged and wishing I had that chastity belt (with a giant padlock and the key-holder somewhere far away). *sigh*

Stephanie said...

Best of luck with the ex. Just keep your legs crossed and your hands to yourself. :) If it helps, wear the most revolting knickers you own so that you will keep your clothes on due to sheer embarassment..

It gets better. It really does, but it just takes longer than you would like it to. I spent a really long time feeling terribly rejected after I split with my ex. He went on dates really quickly and seemed to forget all about me.

What made me feel better was starting to do more things for myself, going out more, meeting up with friends and going out on a date. Laurian is right, you are cute, smart and have great taste in music/film/books - there are surely plenty of lovely ladies in your town who would love to get to know you. Go on some dates and get your confidence back, boy!


Paperslut said...

LOL... Funny.

Do visit my blog.

Roonie said...

I try not to shave my legs when I know that I'm capable of getting in trouble. Although sometimes, that's not the best chastity belt, either. But it's worth a try.


Astrid said...

Hey, so how did this story end? Or is it a still ongoing one?

Astrid said...

Oh, sorry, this one was posted yesterday! No, I got patience! Haha ...