Friday, February 11, 2005

Ze Magic 8 Ball...she speaks...

According to the Magic 8 Ball that I gave Jo for her birthday:

1) I am going to have girl when I'm 40

2)I'm not going to have a boy

3) Jo is going to have a kid next week

4) Khali is getting married to a Londoner this year, and she'll love him because he has a nice personality. Only a nice personality.

5)Candy is going to have monkey sex with her mate Dave (Judging by Candy's not-so-prudish decorum, this is obvious.)

6) My childhood sweetheart and I will have sex in four years time

7) Then he'll fall in love with me

8) But he doesn't love me now. Because he thinks that Aquarius and Virgo don't get along

9) Fiona will get married when she's 33.

If any of you want to direct a question at the Magic 8 Ball - it has to be a yes or no answer - please direct them them my way. I'm the resident office gypsy this afternoon.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for answers you don't want to hear. Deal with it. I will protract the truth, but only if you're willing to hear it. Let's rock. Ask me! Ask me!


Christopher said...

So many questions and I'm scared one of the answers will be 'no'. Probably best not to ask.

Peas on Toast said...

Aw, c'mon...I know you wanna...

I'll do one for you: Is Chris going to have monkey sex tomorrow?

Answer: "Yes, in due time"

:) Nice, nice.

zuzula said...

can you ask whether I'll end up with friend-i-used-to-fancy please?

also on a random note... what's the time difference between London and Jo'burg? Cos I always thought you guys were hours ahead of us but you seem to be at your blog at about the same time as I'm at mine! (it's 2.45 here by the way)

Peas on Toast said...

It's 4:25 here. We're two hours ahead, but only one hour ahead when you're not doing your Daylight Saving Time thing...

Ok: Will Zuzula end up with f-i-u-t-f?
Answer: "You can count on it!"

Awesome! I think you'd better set up a drinks date and pronto! Which lead me to another question - "Will Zuzula have monkey sex with f-i-u-t-f?"

Answer: "You will have to wait."

Hmmm. well maybe you'll just have sex. Not monkey sex. :)

zuzula said...

i can live without the monkey sex... for now ;)

Christopher said...

I think any question I ask now would be irrelevant now that I know I'm due some monkey sex. I hope it's not ACTUAL monkey sex. I'll take a human woman for now. Actually, fuck it, I'll just come out and ask:

"Will I have sex with a human woman this weekend?"

I need to celebrate my singledom.

zuzula said...

Christopher - you're so picky ;)

Christopher said...

Perhaps that's where I'm going wrong.

Ed Abbey said...

I asked my magic 8-ball if it would be alright to ask your magic 8-ball a question. It said doubtful so I guess I should refrain.

Roonie said...

Ooh, Magic 8 Ball Swami! Is the boy I'm going on the date with tonight only trying to turn me into his next fuckbuddy? 'Cause I don't want that. Answer, answer!

B said...

Will things work out with Eve?

Will I be alone longer than 5 months from now?

And the magic 8-ball questioning the magic 8-ball bit was hilarious.

Binsk said...

Will I get married?

Will I have kids before my eggs dry up?

Will I win the lottery?

Thanks...I really need to know and I trust magic 8 balls more than anything in the world ;)

Blog ho said...

2 questions.

1.) Is an orgasm in my future...ANY TIME AT ALL?

2.) Is my wife involved...same emphasis.

3.) Will god pick me in the rupture?

Thanks, doll-face.

your friend Si said...

1 question: Will I ever die?