Friday, February 11, 2005

OK, one at a time, one at a time!

OK, the Magic 8 Ball is available for some psychic testing, after me, the gypsey, went to a mate's house to drink straight whiskey, because life sucked yesterday.


Fayzer - "Is the boy you're going to date tonight going to turn you into his fuckbuddy?"
Answer: "Not now." (But maybe later. However, you're getting sex, so all is good.)

Chris: "Will you have sex with a human woman this weekend?" (You a little wierd, Chris, but sure...ok)
Answer: "I have my doubts." (Maybe it will be a monkey afterall. Again, though, you're getting some.)

Brandon - "Will things work out with Eve?"
Answer: " A definite yes." (Whhoo hoo, Go brandon, go brandon)
"Will you be alone for longer than five months from now?
Answer:"Looking good." Sorry old chap.

Robin - "Will you get married?"
Answer - "Absolutely not." Shit. Sorry dude. But who wants to get married anyway, right?
"Will you have kids before your eggs dry up?"
Answer:"You will have to wait."
Will you win the lottery?
Answer: "Are you kidding." Stupid Magic 8 Ball. It said that with me too.

BlogHo - "Is there an orgasm in the future for you?"
Answer:"Are you kidding? " (I told it I'm not, so let's try again:
Answer#2: "Absolutely not." Oh dear.
"Is his wife involvedin him not having an orgasm?"
Answer:"Yes". Oh dear.
"Will God pick Ho in The Rapture?
Answer: "Forget about it."

Once again Ho, I am sorry. Please blame the stoopid ball though, not me. Because if you really want that orgasm, pal, you'll get it.


Christopher said...

When I'm arrested for monkey molestation this weekend I'll be sure to tell the authorities that "the eight ball made me do it"

Binsk said... marriage? Waiting for kids? What the hell am I going to do with myself? :)

Blog ho said...

so sad. so true. no orgasm for me, last night. i considered it...but then i hadn't heard from the magic ball, so i abstained. please rerun my questions until you get a yes for the top 2 questions. The third is not as worrysome.

B said...

IT could be 5 months and one day... :) And if things do work out with Eve, then thats what I want really.

Nettie said...

BH, why do you have to blame it on the not-so-innocent Magic 8 ball?

Anonymous said...

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