Thursday, March 10, 2005

blogger and moral dilemmas

I hate stoopid stoopid blogger today. Stephanie, Robin, Blog Ho, Zuzula, Christopher, Blondie, Nettie and anyone else I may have left out: please know that some lowly South African woman is reading your fabulous blogs. I cannot post comments because the f#$%cking internet won’t allow me to do so. This happens regularly. Just know you have a sordid fan down south ok? Cool.

Problem: What do you do when your ex’s best mate wants to shag you?
I get along with the guy. We’re friends. But I am so not going there. He knows this, especially since I’m in a relationship, but it doesn’t seem to stop him from pursuing my ass in a distinctly sexual fashion. Thing is, I quite like it that he finds me attractive. *guilt.* My relationship, is quite frankly, a little staid of late, and the notion of someone finding me attractive is….rather attractive.

But then what does my ex think of all this? He’s the alpha-prick/Asshole of the 21st Century that I thought I was still in love with until last week. He’s either totally cool with his mate trying to get into my pants, or he’s testing me. (“Let’s see if she shags him. I bet you she will.”) I think he doesn’t care. So maybe I shouldn’t give a shit either.

Problem # 2: (Related to # 1) Ex’s said mate had a stress-induced nervous breakdown not too long ago. So he’s a little unstable, but is coming around. He’s not psycho, but was on anti-depressants and stuff for a while, and took three months off work to get right again. He has said on numerous occasions that he “doesn’t take rejection well.” What if I set him off on a pyschosis again? (Not that I’m saying I should shag him because then he won’t. This is a little delicate, this situation of mine…)


Two | Face said...

I would recommend enjoying the feeling of being attractive, why not no harm in that.

The tone of your post to me comes down to; you find it very exciting to flirt with the guy, but you're not sure yet how far you are willing to go.

I wonder how you would feel if Steve found out, would you be sad or would you accept it and embrase the feelings you have right now? In other words; how good is your relationship and are you still willing to be part of it?

Peas on Toast said...

No it's really not enough of an issue for me to be worried about it going any further. I love Steve to bits, and wouldn't jeopardise our relatiosnhip to have sex with someone I don't find attractive.
Or someone attractive for that matter.
It's just a strange situation I suppose. At least this guy knows it's never going to happen.

Life is one complicated state of affairs, isn't it?

Two | Face said...

Bluh, tell me about it.

Glad you're aware of where you stand, hope you will enjoy the feeling of what that guy gives you.

Peas on Toast said...

Ha ha, the feeling's not THAT sensational. Sure you feel nice, but I don't want to hurt the guy or exploit it in any way.

If we were talking about Brad Pitt, things may be a little different....:)

Stephanie said...

Nothing wrong with a little bit of flirting. You know it isn't going anywhere serious and it makes you feel special so why not. :)

Peas on Toast said...

Aye aye Steph! Because us femmes fatales are so good at it :)

Ed Abbey said...

I say mess with his mind and see how far you can take him towards the edge without pushing him over. Not often do you get to test and see the limits of something without consequences of yourself going over.

Peas on Toast said...

Interesting assessment there Ed. I like it. I can always rely on you to come up with some ingenius plan.

But that may mean, as you mention, me going nuts myself. I don't have far to go in that mental area, so I'll give it my best shot. x:)

Two | Face said...

Oh I apologise I just realised I just stepped in a basic psychology trap. I identified myself with the guy...sorry about that.

Peas on Toast said...

No worries mrarty - one always needs two perspectives, and yours is very much valued. Promise x

Two | Face said...

Thanks laurian, got a reply by the way.

Binsk said...

I didn't realize how used to chatting with you guys I was until I couldn't! Sweet post, thanks.