Monday, March 14, 2005

crazy hectic

Was this weekend the most hectic of the year? Probably.

Friday: Friend that is ex’s best mate came round for a couple of whiskies at my house. Admitted, freakily, mind you, that he is obsessed with me. This is all very flattering and everything, but the guy is delusional. He kept on saying stuff like how “we can work this out”, which really freaks the hell out of me, because there is no “we!” and I am in a perfectly good relationship! On top of this, he just doesn’t get it. I’ve told him to expect nothing from me. But he still calls me about 5 times a day. There is nothing that turns me off more than a desperate man. So that was interesting.

Saturday: You know one of those awesomely spontaneous nights, where after a drink or two, you say “Let’s go on an adventure!” And you do! Piled into Mark’s car and cruised around all the older haunts of Joburg. Saw the view of the city from Troyeville, checked into Yeoville, ended up at an awesome place in Orange Grove called The Blue Naartjie. Totally my new hangout. An old Victorian house that’s been converted into a bar, full of kitsch paraphernalia everywhere – totally my scene - and the drinks are cheap. You also get a handful of characters that go there, which always makes things interesting. However, as we left I went to the toilet and had a dizzy spell and passed out. I hate it when that happens. But I woke up. Which is always great.

Then Steve came back from his golf tour yesterday. I have been so horny all week, I was just about ready to blow a gasket. Let’s just say that he barely had time to drop his luggage on the floor.

Thanks everyone for their comments on the dildoe situation. Blogger had better gets its act together!

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Two | Face said...

Good morning,

Listen the offer still stands, I'll make it look like an accident. I'll put a dictionary in his hands and chop of his head, it will look like he was thinking so hard his head fell of. The open page will be on the "H" for have you lost your mind.

Peas on Toast said...

Oh I love it. Now I know who to call, if this gets to be a serious problem. "I know people that know people."

Hope you had a good weekend?

Two | Face said...

How long do you think it takes to drive my bike to where you are? We have to take that time into consideration.

My weekend...let's just say that it felt like a huge woman farted and blocked the sun.

Peas on Toast said...

"A huge woman farted and blocked out the sun?" Shame man that sounds terrible, you poor thing! I feel like that today. Except it's a huge hairy man.
To ride your bike here would take about let's say double that of a car, so about 40 hours solid cycling. Ever done the tour de france?? :)

Two | Face said...

Nope never the tour de france but my highschool was 10 Kms away and everyday for 5 years and loads of wind (the part of the Netherlands I live had loads of wind) and always in the face.

Ah my weekend was alright, went to the cinema watched Constantine there and did absolutely nothing on sunday. Just that stupid emotional bullshit made it somewhat depressing I guess. Maybe I need to fight, what's the address of the dude?

Peas on Toast said...

It's funny, because between 9:30 and now, I e-mailed the guy and told him straight: "I will never be with you. We can be friends, but that means I will perhaps meet with you in a large group maybe once a month."
And he seems to have finally got the message...I think? I have told him this before, but I was much more serious this time. Let's hope it works!

Two | Face said...

Well I hope he gets it this time the psycho. I just hope this would end it with him for you. Do you think he would reply immediatly?

Peas on Toast said...

He has replied. He said that he understands but cannot be too far apart from me (?) for too long and that he'd always be here for me.

Right. Know any desperate female women that may be interested in an equally desperate man??

Two | Face said...

No don't know any of those that dude comes second any way, I get to have me one of those first.

The guy freaks me out a bit, he seems like a odd one. Better just cut communication with him, don't feed his need.

Christopher said...

Finally! I can comment again!

Sounds like a wild weekend. I was rather ill on Saturday. I really should learn to pace myself.

Peas on Toast said...

Hey Chris!
Awesome to see you back on your feet. Was also a little ill on Friday. I suppose it's nice to knwo that someone on the other edge of the earth, in Pommyland, was ill with me.
Hope you're feeling better! xx