Thursday, March 03, 2005

strange people

So my dad left at sparrow's fart this morning, however, I wrote him a looong letter, which he read and cried. That wasn't so good, but it was a kind letter, so hopefully it just meant a lot to him. He may come up to Jozi again next week.

I went out to a pub with some guy mates of mine and walked slap bang into the dreaded ex. I was actually quite composed for once. He knew some of the guys so hung around, and I pretended he didn't really exist. At one point he was telling this "really interesting" story and I was not listening. So he said, "Excuse me, sorry, Laurian?? Why aren't you listening to my story?!" [disbelief!] I said: Because it's boring Richard. And walked away. He was super pissed off. He complained loudly to everyone thereafter, that "I love her and she hates me." Again, no comment. I am SO happy that I refuse to let him get to me again. Oh and suddenly he didn't actually "date" that girl for 6 weeks, he didn't even have sex with her. ???? It's beyond me, but I'm so over this right now. Yaaaaaaay!

I saw Emily for a drink before this - I really felt like quite the social butterfly - and we were debating. What's worse?
Someone pretending that you're the most unique and amazing person they've ever met and then acting the same way with someone else (so you're really not special at all) or someone just being totally honest and saying, "I think you're really irritating."
Emily has that problem with one of her mates. Who thinks everyone is just WONDERFUL.

That would drive me crazy.


Two | Face said...

So, good morning! I think that is a courage and very loving thing you did, you have all the right in the world to feel good about yourself. It's never too late to tell the things we always wanted to say to the people in our life's until it's too late and that we can't control, so why wait.

Someone who thinks everyone is just wonderful is either an enlightent person, in the buddha kind of way, or has some serious issues.

Pretenders are fakers and illusionists, only later will you find out this person is not real. Someone who is confident enough to say and mean what they think is someone you can build on, even if that's what they say, you know where you stand with a person like that.

But that's just me.

Lola said...

Yay La, Im glad you're over this shite! Sheesh, thats question is a tough one hey. I think Id rather have the person who pretends because I think the honest one would bug me too much. I'd rather i didnt know. Hmm.. but thats lame, lame, lame! Argh I dont know. Poop.

Peas on Toast said...

m0r1arty - good morning to you too! I feel great about writing to him. Also safe in the knowledge that, God forbid, anything bad happened to him, I'd know I told him everything.

This chick is not buddha babe. She's got serious issues.

I hate fake people. If somebody doesn't like me, that's cool. But don't pretend you do. "You are such a bitch Laurian." That sits fine by me. :)

Lola - hello darling. It's a hrad one. Just wanted to get the cogs working early this morning. :) xx

Two | Face said...

Just out of curiousity, if I may ask; why did you guys split up?

Peas on Toast said...

Me and the ex?? Well granted it was a complicated couple of months to start with. Me and my longtime boyfriend, the one I'm with now, and I broke up for a while, as a break.That's when I met Richard. I was immediately completely compellingly attracted to the asshole, as one is, and we rolled around in the hay for about 6 months. He was never into commitment, yes, one of those, and was never going to fully commit, so we just kind of went our separate ways. I got back together with current boyfriend Steve. Thing is and problem is, as much as I love Steve, and I do, Richard absolutely got under my skin. And he says that he wanted to leave me because he felt I was still in love with Steve. The irony.

How complicated is that???

Two | Face said...

Sounds to me like he was playing with your feelings, which is very low and not very gentleman like.

Glad you took that step of telling him in his face what he had coming and the nerve to say those things behind your back, how old are you, isn't it time to grow up and just act like an adult. Peter Pan was a fictional figure dude, wake up and smell the sewage that's your life.

Slim Shady said...


Of course People we meet are the strangest specimens.


Mafia! said...

Why on earth would you want a friend who wasn't honest with you? If they're not honest about what they like and dislike about you, then what else aren't they honest about?????

Also ... the first one hurts too much.

Peas on Toast said...

mrarty - yes he's an asshole, and finally I have concluded that.

Slimshady - yes mate. absolutely.

Mafia - hey glad to see you're back! I agree abolut the honesty. Nothing like a fake to fuck up your day :)

Paperslut said...

"It's beyond me, but I'm so over this right now. Yaaaaaaay!"


Like the pics. Is it really that cold?

Ps. It's better to be told you're irritating to your face. Fakes suck major ass.

Ed Abbey said...

On the letter you wrote to your father, congratulations. I'm sure it was one heck of a letter to make the old man cry. I'm sure it will be something he will keep forever.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Ed. I hope so :)

Nettie said...

Hope you get to see your dad again soon, and congrats on having the courage to share so much with him, it obviously moved him. As for your question, I prefer honesty. Most people I genuinely like, but if I don't, they generally know it...