Friday, May 20, 2005

guffaw guffaw

One of my friends, Simon, came round for dinner the other night.

Simon is hysterical. He tells a story and everyone is completely enraptured for hours.
We've heard this story three times, and yet, it seems to get funnier everytime.

I cannot recount it, simply because you need to hear him. But what makes for an excellent story is the fact that he lived on the island of Casa Iguana for three months. (Off the coast of Nicaragua and Colombia). During that time, he spent hours at an establishment called "Da Happy Hut" where rum was 30c a glass, where jungle storms rained down on him as frequently as cocaine-smugglers bullets, where he'd do night dives in caves with sharks and crazy Australians, where he lived on pineapples and leaves and generally forgot that all else existed in the world. He made a living by doing the guests laundry at the resort there. There was one path. The rest was jungle. It was like he was in Survivor, but he actually enjoyed it. Also, if somebody on the island was pissing everybody off - I shit you not - they'd get voted out and kicked off the island. You gotta love tribal warfare.

Now as I sit and contemplate the exciting world of condiments, spreads and sauces - I am thinking that I really, really, really want to go to Casa Iguana.


Two | Face said...

Hmmmmm sandwich spread and cheese.

Oh hmmmmm syrup and cheese.

Oh hmmmmmm basil pesto mayo and cheese.

Hmmmm precious cheese.

Peas on Toast said...

Agreed. There is nothing in life if there is no cheese. If I had an option for a last meal (god forbid I land up in the electric chair), I would order a platter of brie, camambert, edam, goats cheese, thom, cheddar, cottage cheese haloumi and la vache qui rit. With smoked salmon, parma ham and capers on the side.

And five large bottles of Moet & Chandon so I'm drunk when I get the shit electrified out of me.

Two | Face said...

Yes you're absolutely right, I would recommend, whenever this might happen, trying a piece of 'Oude Beemster Kaas' it's a real Boeren Kaas and it's from a place only 10 Km from where I used to live in the Netherlands, now that is good Dutch cheese.

Now to finish a meal like that I would like to sip on a glass of Chartreuse Liqueur.

Peas on Toast said...

Chatreuse Liqeuer! Now that warms my heart, mostly because I lived on the Chartreuse (near Grenoble) and got to see how the monks made it (and didn't drink it - which is beyond me) and it was good stuff.

Did you know that those monks are resumed to a vow of silence their whole lives??

Two | Face said...

Yes I have been there myself and I have seen that as well. How kewl!

Third World Ant said...

cheese - all the way! Once had a cheesy birthday party - from starters to mains, to dessert, down to clothing, it was all cheese.
rum - even better. if you haven't read 'the rum diaries' by hunter thomson, go do so. it inspired a long love of mojitos!
articles of condiments and spreads - less appealing. the fun's in the eating, not the reading, eh? bon appetit!

Peas on Toast said...

dude - I'm so having a cheese party.

With Chatreuse Liqeure.

Blog ho said...

that sounds terrible? but i'm a real pussie.

janie q said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, cheese
now i want to have cheese fondue

Nettie said...

Or chocolate fondue. That stuff is gooood.